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Lester Griffiths

Hello Guys,
Just to confirm I still have the ML I purchased from you in Dec 2008. Had it three years now and no problems having done 52000 miles very pleased.


Andrew Cripps

Having both bought a car from Blenheim Cars and also sold two cars through their brokering scheme I can thoroughly recommend them to anyone who is looking to purchase a quality secondhand car or sell their own car with the minimum of fuss. With regard to the brokering scheme it was my experience that the sale price achieved by Blenheim was in excess of the offers that I had received as a result of advertising the vehicles privately.


Laura Whitebrook

This is the 2nd car I have purchased from Blenheim Cars. Both times my experience as a customer has been excellent; very friendly staff, very helpful and made me feel at ease, with no pressure to buy whatsoever. Both cars were ready for me on time, clean and they even put petrol in :-) My husband was so impressed with them, that he is planning to ask them to source his next car. I would not hesitate to recommend Blenheim Cars to anyone.

Mark Thriscutt

I have hired vehicles from Blenheim Cars and bought a used car from them 2 years ago, which I have been very happy with it. However, whilst buying a used cars can just be the luck of the draw, what has been really pleasing is the way that these guys have looked after me and both of my cars, when I take them for servicing and support. They have treated me very well and their pricing has been very reasonable (I won't say low, because then they'll just put their prices up!!). I don't know who those complaining about Blenheim Cars are talking about, because their comments are completely different from any interaction I have had with these guys. It would be quite out of character to treat any of their customers badly - they have been really excellent to me throughout and I am very happy to recommend them to others (as indeed, I have). I'm pleased I found them!

B. Johnson

Very excellent service from Blenheim Cars. Not pushy like many other dealers, allowed us to inspect the car for as long as we needed. Them being RAC approved was definitely great piece of mind, they even carried out a full service, new brake pads and tyres for us all free of charge. Would recommend and use again.

Johny W

Car was as advertised, couldn't have asked for a better car buying experience. Staff were friendly and we're more than happy to help. They weren't judgmental when I turned up and asked to test drive a car, as most places have been due to my age. Thank you Blenheim Cars

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